Teen news live (with clark)

by White Savages

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Special guest Clark


Closeted homosexual screaming the word faggot at a basketball game.
After cartoons (family guy) do a line of coke and cry into your parent's pillow.
Get behind the wheel and kill a family of four you fucking miscreant.

Crushed cans decorating a grave stone.
Big man too drunk to rape her best friend.

It must be easy to blame the parents for the evil done unto the child.

What do you suppose was the last thing he saw before he drowned into obscurity?
Indescribable Rage.
I would. Wouldn't you?

Slave to your persona.
It's too late.
You were not one of them.
You fucking miscreant.

Meat head bruised and beaten.
Drinking driving weekend.
Hey let's do some heroin it's the cheapest (that its ever been)

Meat head bruised and beaten.
Legs spread sour sweat
No shame no regret
Greatest book he ever read.
Only book he ever read.
Meat head meat head meat head meat head fucking meathead.

god damnit why did you guys have to die on me?
you fucking did it to yourselves
and no one learned a thing


released December 15, 2011



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White Savages Connecticut

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